your guide on this adventure

Hey! I'm Chauntell Dietrich (also known as Enchaunti),

creator and CEO (Compassionately Eccentric Overseer) of Earth in Sky!

I work at the Hamilton Centre for Personal development in Hamilton Ontario.


Some fancy titles I like to use for myself:

Spirit Bridge

Soulpreneur Illuminator

Registered Social Worker


Soul Expansion Counsellor

Animist Practitioner

Intuitive artist

Believer In Dreams!

I've worked with all types of Soulpreneurs including Yogis, Voice Actors, Artists, Light Workers, Shadow Workers, Writers, Naturopaths and Photographers. I love supporting all types of helpers, healers and creatives!

I also offer soul expansion counselling through Therapeutic Animism.

I've been doing therapeutic work for 15 years with both adults and children.

I'm trained in authentic leadership, animist practitionership, energy work as well as a whole slew of therapeutic modalities and education.

I've run multiple groups and workshops centered on authenticity, I created a 6 month online confidence program called Quest to Confidence and multiple other online offerings. I created a podcast called The SacredGrind and I'm currently crafting a magical clothing line for  Earth in Sky.

I'm an artist at heart and I also created this website as well as all the videos and content available that I offer. Currently I'm training to be an Animism Minister.


I've spent my whole life trying to figure out what my own soul's purpose is.

I had an 'aha!' moment!

Part of my purpose is to help other people discover theirs!

That's why I do so many things!

So I can learn again and again how to be a Soulpreneur to better help YOU!

I help people connect their story and skills so that they can step onto their authentic path.

I know the therapeutic value of doing what I love and it's my soul's calling to help others do the same.

I used to struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Following my soul's calling has been one of the best thing I have done for my mental health.

In this program I'll be supporting you both in the practical realms as well as in mind, body and soul.

I look forward to helping you walk your true path!