Illuminated Soulpreneurs

Testimonials from People I've Worked with


Martyna Domurad

Photographer + Studio Owner

Chauntell is one of those magnetic people that you can’t help but be drawn to. She radiates positivity and welcomes you with an open heart.


She is a wealth of knowledge and makes you feel heard and seen. What I thought was going to be a simple chat turned into me completely re-evaluating my “why” - not only for my business, but for my life in general.


She has a way of gently probing and questioning, leading you to really delve into the heart of an issue. I was thrilled to have found somebody that had so much practical knowledge (she helped me build my website, organize marketing materials, figure out brand strategies, etc.) but also had the ability to touch on the emotional side of things.


I didn’t think that emotions had a place in business, but if you really get down to the core of things, we are completely driven by them and our successes and failures are directly correlated to our own confidence, well-being and inner peace.

​She has a way of sorting you out, of putting everything on the table and helping you organize all the moving parts. Her approach is truly holistic – you have a mentor and a friend guiding you on the path of success. I could not recommend her enough.


Alison Wright

Content Creator . Nature Dancer

Chauntell is a powerful guide here on the earth plane. I call it the “muggle realm” because it’s easier for me to identify with my more magical side than it is old human programs. 


For me, Chauntell’s overall energy of service acts as a portal and a bridge between worlds. A place where we can remember our own magic. 


In working with Chauntell, or Enchaunti as I prefer to call her, I have managed to deepen my relationship with my spiritual allies, stand more fully and confidently in my Heart Led Service and have reactivated a calling deep inside me that reminds me that we only get one life and that we are the director of our own story. I respect her work as a student, a fellow nature warrior and a magical anchor.


It is within her ability to bridge the gap between worlds - that Earth in Sky magic - that really reshapes our muggle realm ability to attract abundance in service that feels good instead of chasing the dollar. Dreams are manageable, supported and achievable with Enchaunti and her Soulpreneur Program.


Harlee Jean

Writer and Mover

Chauntell, I feel like I would come to you in a fog,
this dense haze of ideas and want.
But no real sense of direction,
no big picture in sight.

And you would ask me these simple, yet impactful questions.
You’ve always had this wisdom and insight
That I didn’t realize I was looking for!

Over time It felt like the sun was rising,
new light and fresh eyes.

After working with you I now have a sustainable vision, message and plan to put forth.

I am super grateful
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Rachelle Gibbs

Mindful Education Coach 

Chauntell blends her social work background and personal experience beautifully with her spiritual approach. She brings a practical and relatable approach while threading in touches of creativity, fun and magic!


Chauntell meets you where you're at and skillfully shifts whatever blockages you're facing to find creative and soulful solutions.