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Soulpreneur Illumination is an in person and online

personalized self-discovery and 

authentic branding program

to help you offer your gifts back to the world!

We'll move through 6 phases that will illuminate your path so your audience will clearly understand who you are, what you offer and why they need what you have to offer.

NOW is the time!

Do you know what your ikigai is? 

Your dharma?

Your raison d'être is?

Do you feel the pull to do what you're most passionate about but have a hard time expressing what exactly that is?

What's ikigai?

A Japanese word with no direct english translation.
Combining the Japanese words:

iki (life)  + gai (value or worth) ikigai 
finding your purpose in life

Ikigai can be translated as "a reason for being"

– the thing that gets you out of bed each morning. 


It's time to stop waiting and wishing and

to take action on your dreams!

You'll experience a complete

mindset and energetic shift that will help you uplevel your brand and offerings.


That's me!

I don't always hold a magical nature staff, but when I do it's to help you illuminate your purpose!


I'll be your guide, mentor and coach to help you meet your goals

in starting out your Soulpreneur journey.

I created this program to help you connect to source so you can live your purpose, bring magic back into the world and help to create the new earth!

That might seem like a lot, but I have high hopes.

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Illuminate Your Path

what this program helps you illuminate :


Your Purpose

  • Clarify Your Soulpreneurship Vision and Your Magic WHY

  • Receive a Natal Chart Reading And Personality Profile

  • Unveil Your Soul Mission for The New Earth


Your Brand

  • Develop Your Brand Vibe

  • Create A Brand That Reflects Your Authentic Self

  • Embody Your Magical Archetypal Character With An Authentic Makeover


Your blocks

  • Discover What's Holding You Back From Making Your Dreams a Reality

  • Address Energy Drains And Limiting Beliefs 

  • Dispel Your Shadows And Unhelpful Narratives


Your Sales

  • Discover Authentic Sales And Mood Changers

  • Learn Magic Scripts And Copy Writing

  • Upgrade Your SEO Knowledge And Ways To Connect With The People That Need What You Offer


Your Offerings

  • Imagine And Define Your Audience 

  • Address  Your Ideal Audience's Needs And How To Meet Them

  • Get Clear On Your Offerings And Design Your Mission And Vision


Your Message

  • Dive Deep Into Your Story And Connect It To Your Business

  • Create Content That Launches Your Soulpreneurship Into The New Earth

  • Step Into A More Confident And Empowered Version Of You

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Unlock your 

authentic self 

to do what you

This program is for YOU if you're ready to :

this is for you.png
not for you.png

This program is NOT for you if :

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what you'll receive with this program:

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Quest to Confidence Program

Online course designed to enhance your confidence 

26 week (6 month) online program designed to help enhance your self-worth and self-esteem


  • Develop self-love and expand it outwards

  • Discover your hero story, archetype, super powers and magical gifts 

  • Eliminate narrative blocks

  • Release deeply rooted shame, blame, jealousy and anger 

  • Re-connect with your inner child and bring them out to play in a new world of 

  • imagination

  • Gain clarity on the next steps of your journey

  • Create powerful manifestation rituals to help you attract what you desire in the 

  • personal and professional realms (friends, love, work and beyond!)

  • Open a portal to a whole new world

  • Connect more deeply to the spirit realm

  • Confidently see yourself as an adventurer on this epic journey through life

  • Understand your life purpose and discover your unique gifts that you want to offer the 

  • world

Support Sessions


I'll be working with you to help you discover what is holding you back from achieving your dreams and from putting yourself out there into the world.


Together we'll unveil and shift your blocks, allowing you to offer yourself greater compassion. Understanding your story is also a key component when it comes to the work you offer. We are shifting into an era where people value stories and embrace authenticity.


Clarifying your own personal journey will help you in sharing why your work matters, so that  people can more easily connect to your message. I'll help you shine a light on your authenticity to step into a more confident version of you!

Gifted & Guided Drum Journeys

tune into the spirit realm for guidance 

I will journey for you and also support you in journeying for yourself.

The Science of Drum Journeys:

Hearing the rhythm of a heartbeat is the first sensory experience we have as humans in the womb. The drum is exactly like this heartbeat. Drum journeys are used to help us tune into the realm of spirit and dreams. The rhythm of the drum changes our brain waves into a theta wave state.  This particular frequency range is particularly involved in daydreaming and sleep. Theta waves are connected to us experiencing and feeling deep and raw emotions. They can help improve our intuition, creativity, and make us feel more connected to our natural self.

When I journey for you, I tune into a world of metaphors that I bring back to support you on your path. This is similar to psychic reading.

I will also drum for you and support you in tuning into your own inner and wise self, your guides and guidance from sourc

Card Readings

for guidance and unearthing the subconscious

For guidance and unearthing the subconscious


Card readings are a useful tool to tune us into the magical and subconscious realm. 


We'll use readings to connect with our intuition and to seek guidance from the divine. 

Together, we'll intuitively interpret the messages that come through to support you in illuminating your Soulpreneurship.

Support from Source, the Universe, Your Guides

divine guidance

I'll support you in learning to ask your wisdom and connection to the universe for support. You'll be guided to learn to flow with the guidance of source.


I wouldn't be where I am now without connecting with spirit, and so this is a very powerful and important part of the process. 


We'll explore the art of manifesting and get playful and imaginative about all that will be! The more we tune into wisdom, the more life flows.

Doing work that is guided by love rather than fear is integral as we move into a new world and into the age of Aquarius.

Energy Attunement

energy session to align you to your path

We'll use a combination of Reiki, Aqualead and my own channeled energy healing techniques to harmonize you with your authentic self.


We'll have a ceremony to attune you to your new vision! Our vibrational frequency is key when it comes to stepping into our truth and manifesting our desires!

This will be a powerful statement to the universe that you're ready to embrace this new path!

Authentic Makeover And Photoshoot

by a makeup artist/stylist and photographer

Transform into your true self!


You'll receive a makeover and styling by a stylist and makeup artist to accentuate what's already beautiful about you.


This is all about drawing out and highlighting your unique essence, and being unlike anyone else.


After your makeover, we'll do a photoshoot with a photographer to capture your new found ikigai and the services you offer. These photos can be used for showing off your epicness on social media!

Online Presence Makeover

create or

re-vamp your website, social media + advertisement creation

After you clarify your purpose, it's time to show off your awesomeness!

I'll work with you to help you re-vamp your social media presence using an ad we create together and the photos from your photo shoot!

I'll also help you either create a simple website or makeover an existing one to reflect your new branding and story.


Since so much advertising takes place online, we want your online presence to show people how awesome you and your services are!

We'll also meet with a full-service brand company to create promotional materials for you to use in the physical realm.

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7 Benefits

of Doing Work You love

1.  Health improvements

One of the biggest reasons I decided to finally open up to my soul's purpose was for my health. Doing work that wasn't in alignment with my purpose gave rise to anxiety and depression. When we have a soul mission, the call will whisper to us in many ways until we listen. If we aren't doing what we feel called to do, the whisper can take the form of physical or mental illness as a way to guide us to our path. Doing what we love can help us feel more healthy and alive! We may even notice that we no longer need to medicate through substances to escape our pain. 


2. Relationships  improvements

When we're  unhappy in our work life, it can impact our relationships. Doing work we love can also help us meet more like minded people. We start to become more authentic as we walk our true path, which is magnetic to others. Through doing my soul's calling I've met so many other amazing humans. I love the people I work with and my clients! 

3. Energy boost

Soulpreneurship gives us the opportunity to make our own schedule so we have more time for self care and more of what we love. When we get to choose what we love, we don't feel the drain of disempowerment. I have more energy because I get to create what I want, not what I've been told to do.

4. Confidence boost

When you are doing the work you were born for, you will be good at it. You will be using your natural talents, interests and passions. Doing what comes natural to you is a gift to yourself and your self will be rewarded with gratitude and love.

5. Enjoying life more

Being in alignment with our passion and soul's calling is what we came here to do! Joy is a beautiful result of listening to the call. 

6. Continue learning and  growing

If you are doing work you love, you will want to seek out opportunities for growth. You will want to become better and better. And the more growth and knowledge you gain, the more success will come your way. Suddenly learning feels exciting again!


7. Motivation  rises up

If you are happy in your work, you will be self-motivated, which means you will be much more productive than someone who does not like what they are doing.


This program is designed to meet your unique Soulpreneur needs. When we have our first illumination/consultation session, we'll talk about creating a package together that is tailor made to support you and your budget. I'm not interested in tricking you out of your well earned money (I've seen that with other online programs - it's gross).

I'm interested in helping people live a life of purpose! 

Discounts available for those who wish to opt into more parts.
You can opt into the whole program or just choose the parts that you need.Pricing ranges from $50 - $2500. I'm open to meeting your needs wherever you're at. 

Each full module is $500. Let's talk to figure out what you need and how I can help!

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